When Adam contacts me I always get an amazing job because he’s not afraid to try. Every time he wants something different, or weird, he texts me: “Whatever you want, I’m up for it.” Don’t say this to me! You’ll go mad!

So I do bizarre things, extravagant things, avant-garde things. And he loves everything.

The last time he called me, I had the idea of a black woman in a bath of milk. He said, “I like it.” So I got a model from Paris, legs up to here, and I got fifty litres of milk in a bath. And I did her makeup and hair, and she sat in the bath covered in jewellery. And that’s the way I do it.

Because I’m not afraid to try. You have to do it – that’s the only way you can bring the World a different approach, a different vision. People bring something to the World and the World accepts them.